Marsala DOC



  • the DOC area on the western edge of the island of Sicily that produces the famous sweet, fortified wine of the same name in vineyards around the town of Marsala. Marsala is produced in a similar way to sherry and Madeira, with oxidation during ageing. Marsala wine can be made from white grapes (Catarratto and Inzolia are popular) to produce wines of amber (ambra) or gold (oro) colour. Wine made from red grapes (Sangiovese, Nerello, or Perricone grapes are widely used) is called rubino (ruby) Marsala. The wines are graded in quality, depending upon ageing and type of alcohol used in fortifying the wine, as fine, superiore, superiore riserva, vergine, and vergine stravecchio, with all but fine made using a solera method. The finest quality of Marsala is vergine stravecchio, which must be aged in wood for a minimum of ten years.