General English

  • noun the state of being an adult or of doing things like an adult
  • noun the time when a bond becomes due to be paid

General Science

  • noun the state of being fully developed


  • noun the time at which something becomes due for payment or repayment


  • noun the time when a plant’s seeds are ripe
  • noun the time when an animal has become an adult


  • noun the third stage in a product life cycle when a product is well established in the market though no longer enjoying increasing sales, after which sooner or later it will start to decline


  • The date at which a bond matures, that is, the date at which the issuer of the bond makes the final payment.


  • The final date at which a transaction is completed. Most forex trades have a maturity date that is value spot or two business days after being transacted. The specified amounts of the two currencies involved in a forex trade actually change hands on the maturity date if the transaction goes to delivery.


  • noun the time when a bill, government stock or insurance is due for payment