• abbreviation the Marylebone Cricket Club: a body formed in 1787 by members of the old White Conduit Club of Islington, based originally at a ground belonging to Thomas Lord on the northern fringes of London’s West End (in what is now Dorset square) but from 1814 based at the modern Lord’s Cricket Ground in St John’s Wood. The leading lights in the foundation of the club were the Earl of Winchelsea and the Hon. Charles Lennox (the future Duke of Richmond), and with such weighty aristocratic patronage MCC quickly eclipsed Hambledon as the leading club in England. Although only a private cricket club it has always wielded immense authority over the conduct and organisation of the game at both national and international level. MCC organised the first international tours, and when playing overseas the England team was officially known as ‘MCC’ until 1977. It is only in fairly recent years that this anomalous position has changed, as many of MCC’s functions have been devolved to more ‘official’ bodies like the ICC and ECB. Even now, MCC is still officially responsible for the Laws of Cricket. Within a year of its foundation MCC had conducted the first major revision of the Laws (1788), and it has been responsible since then for five further revisions, the most recent being published in 2000. It remains today the chief authority in this area: the copyright of the Laws belongs to MCC, and they can only be changed if proposed amendments are approved by a two-thirds majority at a special meeting of the club. In 1998, MCC members voted to admit women, thus bringing to an end the club’s 200 years as a male bastion.
  • acronym forMarylebone Cricket Club


  • acronym forMillennium Challenge Corporation