• noun an attempt by a third party to make the two sides in an argument agree


  • A method of trying to resolve a dispute by the use of an impartial intermediary to suggest ways to settle the dispute, rather than imposing a decision upon the parties.


  • The process of assisting in the resolution of a legal or personal dispute between two or more parties by using a neutral third party, known as a mediator, to facilitate the parties coming to a mutually agreeable settlement. Forex traders experiencing a problem with their broker might opt for mediation of the dispute before pursuing litigation.

Media Studies

  • noun in cultural theory, the process by which texts and media products are analysed through an intermediary ‘structure’, e.g. conventions of genre, form of production
  • noun in cultural theory, the idea that texts interpret and hide meaning, and present it in a ‘mediated’ state, ie. one that is not to be trusted.