General English


  • noun a businessperson who buys and sells, especially one who buys imported goods in bulk for retail sale
  • noun a company, shop or other business which accepts a credit card for purchases


  • noun a person who sells a product


  • noun somebody who buys and sells goods in bulk for retail sale


  • noun a business person who buys and sells goods, especially imported goods, in bulk for retail sale
  • noun a company or shop which accepts a particular type of credit card for purchases

Origin & History of “merchant”

Latin merx denoted ‘goods for sale’. From it was derived the verb mercārī ‘trade’ (whose past participle was the source of English market). Mercārī was adapted in vulgar Latin to mercātāre, whose present participle mercātāns produced the Old French noun marcheant ‘trader’, source of English merchant. Merchandise (13th c.) comes from a derivative of marcheant; and other English descendants of Latin merx are commerce and mercury.