Mermaid Tavern



  • A tavern in Bread Street, London, that was a meeting placeof literary figures in the early 17th century. The Friday StreetClub, which included amongst its members Sir Walter Raleigh,Beaumont and Fletcher, Jonson, and Shakespeare met here from 1603.According to Beaumont, in his verse epistle 'Master Beaumont to BenJonson', the conversation was inspirational:
    What things have we seen
    Done at the Mermaid! heard words that have been
    So nimble, and so full of subtle flame,
    As if that every one from whence they came
    Had meant to put his whole wit in a jest,
    And had resolv'd to live a fool the rest
    Of his dull life...
    The tavern was destroyed in the Great Fire of London.