General English


  • verb to link together with cogs on another wheel


  • noun any system with two or more possible paths at each interconnection


  • A network of wire screening or welded wire fabric used in construction.
  • The number of openings per lineal inch in wire cloth.


  • A group or combination of branches or components which form a closed current path in an electric network. Also called loop (2).
  • An arrangement of interlocking components or links that form a closed figure, structure, or grid.

Health Economics

  • abbreviation forMedical Subject Headings
    (written as MeSH)
  • acronym formanagement, economic, social and human infrastructure
    (written as MESH)
  • MESH defines an infrastructure designed to improve the capacity of communities and other entities to implement health service programmes efficiently.
  • These (MeSH) are terms used by the US National Library of Medicine to index articles in Index Medicus and MEDLINE.