• A former Amsterdam theater that imported avant-garde productions by leading foreign companies, thereby introducing new theatrical trendsto the Netherlands. It was founded in 1965 by the artist Ritsaert ten Cate(1938 - 2008), who held the first performances on his farm inthe village of Loenersloot. In 1972 the theater began to receive publicfunding and moved into a disused cinema in Amsterdam. The building was notdivided into a conventional stage and auditorium and the Mickery-theater choseto retain this arrangement, so as not to introduce barriers between audienceand actors. A number of experimental seating arrangements were used,including the use of movable cubicles supported by air-cushionsto lead the audience from scene to scene in such works as Fairground(1975), Cloud Cuckooland (1979), Outside (1979), andFairground '84 (produced for the Holland Festival).

    Companies closely associated with the Mickery-theater includedthe Pip Simmons Theatre Group and the People Show in London, the TraverseTheatre in Edinburgh, La Mama in New York, and the Tenjo Tsukiji companyin Tokyo. During the 1984 - 85 and 1985 - 86 seasons, thePip Simmons company explored the relationship between theater andtelevision in La Ballista. In 1992, feeling that the theater hadoutlived its original purpose, ten Cate closed the Mickery and founded theAmsterdam School of Advanced Research in Theatre and Dance Studies (knownas Das Arts), which he directed until 2000.