• noun an off-side fielding position (or the player occupying it) between extra cover and the bowler. Mid-off is normally about 25 to 30 yards from the striker and fairly close to the bowler, but the position can also be modified to be ‘deep’, ‘short’, ‘silly’, ‘wide’, or ‘straight’:
    See fielding positions
    . The term mid-off is a contraction of the earlier ‘middle wicket off’. The manuals and illustrations of the early 19th century all show middle wicket (not to be confused with the modern mid-wicket) as one of the standard fielding positions of the game at that time. However, an equivalent leg-side position was also occasionally used, so the two ‘middle wicket’ positions came to be distinguished as middle wicket off (= mid-off) and middle wicket on (= mid-on).