• (written as émincer)
    To slice thinly, to cut into slivers or thin slices
  • A culinary implement used for mincing, consisting of a barrel with a hopper above possibly tapering towards one end, into which fits a well-fitting scroll feeder with a pitch which reduces towards the output end. When the scroll is turned either manually or mechanically it forces food towards the output end slightly crushing it. A knife with three or four blades rotates with the scroll and cuts the crushed food as it is forced through a stationary circular disc containing a number of holes. The holes in the stationary disc may be of various sizes to give varying degrees of size reduction.


  • noun a male homosexual, effeminate or effete male. In armed-forces’ usage, from the notion of a ‘mincing gait’.


  • noun a machine for grinding up meat into very small pieces