• A substantial thick, mixed vegetable soup with the addition of some of pasta, rice, beans and potatoes in many local variations. The UK version is given in the next entry.
  • A soup made from paysanne-cut mixed vegetables sweated in oil without colour, white stock, a bouquet garni and seasoning added and simmered 20 minutes, peas and diamond-cut green beans added and simmered 10 minutes, paysanne-cut potatoes, short lengths of spaghetti, tomato purée and diced, skinned and deseeded tomatoes added and simmered until all cooked. A processed mixture of fat bacon, garlic and parsley formed into pea-sized balls dropped into the boiling soup, the bouquet garni removed and all served with grated Parmesan cheese and toasted slices of French bread.


  • noun a soup of Italian origin made of vegetables, beans, pasta and herbs and served with grated parmesan cheese