• George Bernard Shaw's one-act comedy, first producedin 1910 at the Duke of York's Theatre, London. The fast-paced andrather strange story focuses on Hypatia Tarleton, a young woman whoseeks excitement to enliven the monotony of her life. Hypatia seemsset to wed Bentley Summerhays for his social position until the dayan aircraft crashes into the garden. From the wreckage emerge JosephPercival and the beautiful acrobat Lina Szczepanowska. Hypatia fallsin love with Joseph, despite her father's disapproval, and Bentleyis smitten by Lina. As always, Shaw mixes social comment with thehumour, here most notably in the speeches of a demented gunman whoarrives to kill Hypatia's father for seducing his mother. Some recentcritics see the play as an anticipation of the work of Ionescoand the Theatre of the Absurd.