• noun an act of miscuing the ball
    Citation ‘With a flourish of the bat that might have decapitated an incautious wicket-keeper, he struck a spectacular miscue. The ball re-entered the atmosphere above Jeff Crowe at point’ (Matthew Engel, Guardian 23 January 1984)
    Citation ‘When Shahid Afridi launched a mini counterattack on the first day, Panesar stuck to his method and the miscue followed’ (Vic Marks, Observer 30 July 2006)
  • verb to fail to ‘middle’ the ball when playing a shot, so that the ball does not go in the direction intended
    Citation ‘Richards having once hoisted Venkat for six, attempted to repeat the stroke and came to grief, so badly miscuing the shot that he put up a lobbed catch to slip’ (Dilip Rao, Guardian 18 April 1983)
    Citation ‘Strauss’s dismissal was quite against the run of play … a miscued sweep ballooned to slip from his boot’ (Haigh 2005)