General English

  • noun an instance of not hitting something that you are trying to hit
  • noun
    (written as Miss)
    a polite title given to a girl or woman who is not married
  • verb not to see, hear or notice someone or something
  • verb not to catch something that you are trying to catch
  • verb to be sad because someone is not there any more


  • verb to fail to catch a ball hit by a batsman; drop
    Citation ‘Right at the start Cowdrey was missed by Davidson at backward short-leg’ (Peebles 1959)

Information & Library Science

  • noun a document not retrieved by a computer search


  • noun an act of missing a target
  • verb to fail to hit a target


  • verb not to catch a bus, plane or train because you arrive late
  • verb not to meet somebody, e.g. because you arrive late