• A machine for blending the ingredients of concrete, mortar, or grout. Mixers are divided into two categories: batch mixers and continuous mixers. Batch mixers blend and discharge one or more batches ata time, whereas continuous mixers are fed the ingredients and discharge the mix continuously.


  • A component, circuit, device, piece of equipment, material, medium, or system which serves to mix (1).
  • In a superheterodyne receiver, the stage at which the incoming modulated radio frequency signal is combined with the local oscillator, to produce a modulated intermediate frequency. Also called mixer stage, first detector, or frequency converter (2).
  • A circuit or device which performs mixes. Also called audio mixer.


  • Any hand-operated or machine operated implement used for mixing ingredients ranging from a simple spoon to a complex food processor.

Media Studies

  • noun an electronic device used to adjust and combine various inputs, e.g. performed or broadcast sounds, to create a single output
  • noun somebody who combines various sound recordings to create the final soundtrack of a film


  • noun a vat containing strained pulp into which china clay or resin are added before the pulp passes through into the papermaking machine


  • noun a non-alcoholic drink, e.g. tonic water or ginger ale, used in a cocktail along with alcohol