mobile phone


General English


  • noun a small portable phone which can be used away from home or the office


  • noun a small, portable device that lets someone make and receive telephone calls.


  • A portable phone, especially a cellular phone, which allows a user to place and receive calls to or from any point within its coverage area. cordless phones are usually excluded from this definition.
  • A cellular telephone installed in a land vehicle, such as a car or truck. Such phones may or may not be removable from the vehicle, and usually have an external antenna. Also called car phone (1).
  • A hand-held cellular telephone which can be placed in a cradle in a land vehicle such as a car or truck. The cradle can serve to charge the phone, and many of them allow the user to engage in conversations without holding the phone, Also called car phone (2).
  • synonymmobile telephone

Media Studies

  • noun a portable telephone that works using a series of locally based cellular radio networks