General Science

  • noun a particular way of doing something




  • noun the way of doing something. A mode of payment is the way in which payment is made (such as cash or cheque).


  • A manner, procedure, form, method, or way of using, operating, or functioning.
  • One of multiple available operational states that can be selected from. Also, operation using such a mode. For instance, the use of a transceiver in reception mode.
  • For a guided electromagnetic wave, one of the possible manners or patterns of oscillation, transmission, or propagation. Such waves can propagate in one of three principal modes, which are as transverse electric waves, transverse magnetic waves, or as transverse electromagnetic waves. Also called transmission mode (1).
  • A light path through an optical fiber.
  • Within a group of numbers, series, or set, the value or item which most frequently occurs.

Health Economics

  • (written as Mode)
    The most frequently occurring value of a single variable in a dataset.


  • adjective affectedly fashionable, pretentious. A deliberate mispronunciation of mod, heard in the 1960s and used to express derision.