General English


  • noun a device which links a computer to a telephone line, allowing data to be sent from one computer to another


  • noun a device that allows data to be sent over telephone lines by converting binary signals from a computer into analog sound signals which can be transmitted over a telephone line.


  • Short for modulator/demodulator. An electronic device that transmits data to or from a computer via telephone lines. A modem translates between digital signals (used by data processing equipment) and analog signals (used in voice switching equipment). Once the data is sent through the telephone lines, it is retranslated back into digital form in the computer at the receiving end.


Information & Library Science

  • noun an electronic device which converts binary to analogue signals so that data can be transmitted over the telephone network

Media Studies

  • noun a device linking a computer to a telephone line so that the Internet can be accessed

General Science

  • abbreviation formodulator/demodulator