General Science

  • noun the act of moving or changing position or place



  • A request made to a judge in a legal dispute, which asks the judge to make a specific ruling or order. When two or more parties are engaged in a forex related dispute, a variety of motion types exist, such as motions for summary judgment and motions to dismiss.


  • noun the action of moving
  • noun an application to a judge in court, asking for an order in favour of the person making the application


  • noun a proposal which will be put to a meeting for that meeting to vote on, e.g. a proposal to the House of Commons or Congress


  • A type of puppet play that was presented in Britain by travellingshowmen in the 16th and 17th centuries. The earlier motions were basedon Bible stories; Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale mentions"a motion of the Prodigal Son." Later subject matter includedtales from mythology, history, and medieval romance.