General English

General Science

  • noun something such as a support or frame to which something else can be fixed
  • abbreviationMt
    (written as Mount)



  • verb to fix a device or circuit onto a base
  • verb to insert a disk in a disk drive or inform an operating system that a disk drive is ready to be used


  • A support or substrate upon which objects may be fixed or assembled. For example, a breadboard.
  • To fix or assemble on a support or substrate. For instance, to mount a gyroscope on a gimbal.

Information & Library Science

  • verb to organise an event and ensure that it happens
  • verb to fix something in a particular place, especially a piece of artwork or film on a card backing or in a frame

Media Studies

  • verb to attach something securely to something else, such as a camera to a dolly


  • noun a supporting structure for a weapon or other equipment
  • verb to plan, prepare and carry out
  • verb to get into a high vehicle


  • noun a base in a forme on which a plate is placed to make it the same height as the standing type
  • noun a backing or support to which something is fixed, e.g. a sheet of cardboard used as a backing for a photograph