General English

  • noun an act of moving, not being still



  • noun the act of changing position or of changing the position of something


  • noun lateral deviation of the ball, either during flight or after pitching
    Citation ‘He swung the ball out and in late enough for it not to be clear whether the movement was in the air or off the pitch’ (Brearley 1982)
    Citation ‘They kept the ball up to the bat and found movement off the seam on a greenish pitch’ (Henry Blofeld, Guardian 31 May 1983)

Information & Library Science

  • noun a group of people who share the same beliefs or ideas


  • noun the act of changing position or the fact of not being still


  • noun an action of moving personnel, equipment or supplies from one place to another


  • noun a change, especially an improvement
  • noun a group of people working towards the same aim, though not necessarily members of a political party
  • noun the process of changing place or position
  • noun a part of a military operation