Mrs Warren's Profession



  • A play by George Bernard Shaw, written in 1893 andfirst performed in 1902 in a private theater club production in NewHaven. Its candid approach to the subject of prostitution had resultedin a ban by the Lord Chamberlain and the play did not receivea public performance in Britain until 1925. A 1905 production in New Yorkwas denounced as a "dramatized stench" by the New York Sunand resulted in the arrest of the entire cast (see comstockery).

    The story centres on Vivie Warren, a young woman whose expensiveeducation was paid for by a mother she hardly knows. When Mrs Warrenfinally visits her daughter she reveals that she made her wealth byrunning a brothel. Vivie is strangely impressed, but when she tellsher boyfriend, Frank, he abandons her in disgust. Vivie finally rejectsthe opportunity of a reconciliation with her mother, being determinedto make her own life.