Mrs Worthington



  • The lady to whom Noël Coward addressed his advicein his song 'Don't Put Your Daughter on the Stage, Mrs Worthington'.
    She has nice hands, to give the wretched girl her due
    But don't you think her bust is overdeveloped for herage?
    I repeat Mrs Worthington, sweet Mrs Worthington,
    Don't put your daughter on the stage.
    Mrs Worthington was, in fact, 'Glitters' Worthington, thewife of a Birchington GP. Her affair with the playwright FrederickLonsdale (1881 - 1954) produced a daughter, Angela, who developedearly aspirations to become an actress. Coward's song was well-intentionedadvice to Angela's mother to resist the temptation. Although Angeladid not herself tread the boards she did marry Robin Fox, the theatricalagent and impresario. Her main contribution to the theater was throughher illustrious sons - the actors Edward and James Fox and thetheatrical producer Robert Fox.