General English

  • noun a way of referring to a woman without saying whether or not she is married


  • noun a title given to a woman where it is not known if she is married, or where she does not wish to indicate if she is married or not


  • acronym forMicrosoft
    (written as MS)

Media Studies

  • acronym formedium shot
    (written as MS)


  • acronym formultiple sclerosis
    (written as MS)
  • acronym formitral stenosis
    (written as MS)
  • noun a condition in which the opening in the mitral valve becomes smaller because the cusps have fused


  • abbreviation formillisiemens
    (written as mS)
  • acronym formass spectrometry
    (written as MS)
  • acronym formass spectrometer
    (written as MS)
  • acronym formass spectroscopy
    (written as MS)
  • The use of a mass spectrometer for analysis. Its abbreviation is MS.
  • The use of a mass spectrometer to obtain atomic and molecular spectrums. Its abbreviation is MS.
  • 10-3, or 0.001 siemens. It is a unit of conductance. Its abbreviation is mS.