General English

General Science


  • Information which is used or presented in a combination of forms, including full-motion video, animation, graphics, audio, and text. Nearly all computers serve for such presentations and uses, and common examples include watching movies on DVDs, accessing encyclopedic information via the Internet or a CD-ROM, or sending an email with an incorporated voice message. Also called multimedia content.
  • Consisting of, pertaining to, or capable of providing multimedia (1). For instance, a multimedia presentation, or a multimedia computer or cell phone.

Information & Library Science

  • noun programs, software and hardware capable of using a wide variety of media such as film, video and music as well as text and numbers
  • noun the use of film, video and music in addition to more traditional teaching materials and methods


  • adjective referring to several media used in a project

Media Studies

  • adjective using more than one media, as with an advertising campaign
  • noun the combination of different media, e.g. sound, video, images or computer technology, in one package such as a CD-ROM