General English

  • adjective showing that something is not there
  • noun a statement meaning ‘no’
  • noun developed film with an image where the light parts are dark and dark parts light

General Science

  • adjective showing the light and dark areas of objects the opposite of how they are seen


  • adjective referring to an electric charge of the same sign as that of an electron
  • adjective showing resistance or non-co-operation


  • Of, or pertaining to, a quantity or value below zero. For instance, a temperature below 0 °C, or a negative number.
  • Of, pertaining to, or the same as the charge or a multiple of the charge of an electron. For example, the minus one charge of a chlorine ion.
  • Of, or pertaining to, a particle, material, or other entity which has an excess of electrons. For instance, an anion.
  • Of, or pertaining to, a quantity, value, entity, phenomenon, or concept which is considered the opposite of an equivalent which would be described as positive. For example, a negative electrode, negative image, negative peak, negative pole, and so on.
  • symbolN

Information & Library Science

  • noun a developed film in which the colour tones are reversed and used to produce a positive print

Media Studies

  • adjective referring to photographic film that has been exposed to light and developed, used as a basis for preparing final prints
  • noun a photographic image that has been developed but not printed and shows black and white tones reversed and colours as complementary


  • adjective indicating that something being tested for is not present


  • noun an exercise in which a weight is lowered slowly against gravity