Nellie Wallace



  • (Eleanor Jane Wallace; 1870 - 1948) British music-hallcomedienne famous for her broad humour. Often billed as the Essenceof Eccentricity, she dressed as a tatty spinster in a tartan skirt,a hat with a skimpy feather, and a shabby fur, which she called "melittle bit of vermin". She is remembered for such songs as 'ILost Georgie in Trafalgar Square', 'My Mother Always Said Look Underthe Bed', and 'Three Cheers for the Red, White, and blue'.

    Born in Glasgow, she made her debut in Birmingham in 1882as a child clog dancer, became part of an act called the Three SistersWallace, and finally went solo. In 1910 she appeared on the openingbill at the Palladium. She eventually became one of the few successfulfemale pantomime dames, making an appearance in 1935 as theWicked Witch Carabosse in The Sleeping Beauty at the VaudevilleTheatre.