General English


  • noun a chemical element that is the main component of air and an essential part of protein. It is essential to biological life.


  • noun a colourless, odourless gas which makes up four fifths of the Earth’s atmosphere


  • A colorless, odorless, and tasteless diatomic gas whose atomic number is 7. It comprises approximately 78% by volume of dry air in the atmosphere, and although as an element is rather inactive, numerous of its compounds are very reactive. It has over a dozen known isotopes, of which 2 are stable. Its applications include its use in thermometers, bulbs, as a refrigerant, and in many compounds necessary for life. Its chemical symbol is N.
  • chemical symbolN


  • The inert gas which forms 79 per cent of air, used to fill sealed packaging so as to displace air and prevent oxidation


  • noun a chemical element, which is a gas that is the main component of air and is an essential part of protein