• In critical path method (CPM) scheduling, a junction of arrows containing the i-j number, early start, and late finish.
  • In electrical wiring, a junction of several conductors.


  • A point or location where entities meet or cross paths. For instance, a point where a continuous curve crosses itself.
  • The point at which a branch, such as that of a circuit or electric network, originates. Also, the point at which a junction occurs. Also known as branch point, or junction point.
  • Within a communications network, a device, such as a personal computer, printer, or server, which is connected to, and is able to exchange information with other devices. Also called network node.
  • In a standing wave system, a point of minimum amplitude or displacement. For example, a minimum, usually zero, of voltage or current. This contrasts with an antinode (1), where the converse is true.
  • In a data structure, such as a tree structure, a point from which subordinate items originate, or where two or more lines meet. Also, the interconnected items in such a structure.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a piece of data in a database which has more than one link from it to other pieces of data


  • noun a small mass of tissue
  • noun a group of nerve cells