General English

Cars & Driving

  • noun a V- or U-shaped indentation cut into a test piece, test bar, or into a moulded part


  • noun a run
    Citation ‘On Wednesday last a match at cricket was played at Barnes Common between the Gentlemen of Barnes, Fulham, & Richmond on the one side and the Gentlemen of London on the other, when the Londoners were beat 19 notches’ (St James’s Evening Post 12 August 1736)
  • noun an incision cut in a stick or tally as an early method of recording the scoring of a run
    Citation ‘They are sole Judges of all Hindrances … and in Case of Hindrance may order a Notch to be scor’d’ (Laws 1744)
    CitationAwakened echo speaks the innings o’er
    And forty notches deep indent the score
    (James Love, Cricket: an Heroic Poem, 1746)
  • verb to score the stated number of runs
    Citation ‘All-Muggleton had notched some fifty-four’ (Dickens, Pickwick Papers 1837, ch 7)
  • verb to act as scorer; keep the score
    Citation ‘The umpires were stationed behind the wickets; the scorers were prepared to notch the runs; a breathless silence ensued’ (Dickens, ibid)


  • A V-shaped cut or indentation. Also, to make such a cut or indentation.
  • A cut, indentation, perforation, or the like which serves to distinguish, indicate, or identify. For example, that utilized to indicate where a record ends.
  • That which is in the shape of a notch (1), such as the frequency response of a notch filter.

Human Resources

  • noun an increment on a salary scale


  • noun a depression on a surface, usually on a bone, but sometimes on an organ.


  • noun the female sex organs

Origin & History of “notch”

Not much is known for certain about the word notch, apart from the fact that its immediate source, Anglo-Norman noche, existed at least a couple of centuries before English acquired it. there may well be some connection with Old French oche ‘groove, notch’ (probable source of the English darts term oche ‘line where the dart-thrower stands’); the initial n could well have arisen by misdivision of a preceding indefinite article (as happened with nickname).