General English

  • adjective full of nuts


  • adjective crazy, absurd, eccentric. A usage which slightly pre-dates the almost synonymous nuts. By the 1960s it was considered a well-established colloquialism.
  • adjective natty (in the standard and patois senses), smart and spirited. Caribbean English has retained the 19th-century British sense of dandified. The word was applied by the white British pop group, Madness to themselves in a punning reference to their ‘craziness’ and the inspiration they gained from black music.
  • adjective excellent, exciting. An all-purpose term of approval in use among schoolchildren, clubbers and fashionistas from the late 1990s.


  • adjective tasting of or containing nuts


  • used to describe a wine with a flavour reminiscent of nuts, particularly hazelnuts. The term is mostly used to describe sherry or port wines.