Oedipus at Colonus



  • A tragedy by Sophocles that forms a sequel to OedipusRex, being considered by some critics as an even finer work.The play, written when Sophocles was nearly 90, was first producedposthumously in 406 BC in Athens by the author's grandson,also named Sophocles.

    A classic story of redemption through suffering, the playhas often been revived and adapted. In 1984 the US dramatist Lee Breuer(1937 - ) wrote Gospel at Colonus, which combinedSophocles's work with contemporary Black gospel music.

    The plot shows Oedipus some 20 years after the events of OedipusRex. Now old, blind, and exiled, he has been led to Athens byhis loyal daughter Antigone. Oedipus seeks a haven in Athensbut finds himself an object of horror as well as pity. King Theseus,however, sees a divine purpose in the life of the old man and believesthat Oedipus will bring victory and blessings to the place where hedies. The Thebans also wish Oedipus to return, and their king, Creon,abducts his daughters, Antigone and Ismene, in an attempt to forcehim to follow. The daughters are rescued by Theseus, however, andOedipus commends them to his protection, as he himself is now summonedby the gods who have caused him so much pain.