• noun a relatively slow ball that deviates from off towards leg after pitching. Technically, the term can apply to any ball breaking in towards the batsman, such as a googly bowled to a right-handed batsman. But usually off-break denotes the ‘stock’ ball of a right-arm finger-spinner (
    See finger-spin
    ). The term off-break formerly embraced balls of any pace that broke back from off: describing Tom Richardson, the great England fast bowler of the 1890s, Pelham Warner observes.
    Citation ‘He seldom bowled short, aiming at clean bowling the batsman with a good length off-break’ (Warner 1934)
    Citation ‘My normal offbreak pitches further outside off stump’ (Saqlain Mushtaq, Cricinfo Magazine January 2006)
  • noun deviation of the ball from off towards leg after pitching, as a result of spin imparted by the bowler; off-spin
    Citation ‘Leg-break is artificial rather than natural, and is much more difficult to produce than off-break’ (Ranjitsinhji 1897)


  • noun in cricket, a ball with a bounce that spins from the off side to the leg side