General Science

  • adverb connected to a network, but not available for use.


  • Not connected to a computer. Said, for instance of a peripheral, or of data stored in a removable medium which is not inserted at the moment.
  • Not installed in a computer, said for example, of hardware or software.
  • Not connected to a computer or communications network. Said, for instance, of a user, or of a computer system.
  • Not under the control of a computer. Said, for example, of a manufacturing process.
  • Connected to, or controlled by, a computer, but not in an operational state. Said, for instance, of a printer which is connected, but not ready to receive data.
  • Not in an operational mode or state. Said, for example, of a piece of equipment that is in standby.

Information & Library Science

  • adjective relating to a processor, printer or terminal that is disconnected from the network or central computer, usually temporarily

Media Studies

  • adjective referring to a computer not connected to the Internet
  • adjective referring to a printer that is not connected to or receiving data from a computer
  • adjective referring to people or processes involved in preparing but not transmitting material for broadcasting