• verb to balance one thing against another so that they cancel each other out

Cars & Driving

  • adjective set at an angle or to one side
  • noun the distance between the centreline of the rim and the attachment face of the wheel disc at the wheel hub; this dimension can either be positive, negative, or zero


  • noun a quantity added to a number or address to give a final number


  • In surveying, a line or point placed at a given distance from a control line or point used to reestablish the original location.
  • In plumbing, an assembly of fittings on a pipeline that takes one section of pipe out of line but parallel to a second section.


  • That which serves to balance, counteract, neutralize, or otherwise compensate for something else. Also, to balance, counteract, neutralize, or otherwise compensate for something else.
  • An imbalance between two halves or sections of a circuit, such as that of a differential amplifier. Also, the magnitude or value of such an imbalance.
  • In a control system, the steady state difference between the theoretical or desired value of the controlled variable, and the actual value.
  • The distance a memory address is from a base address. Also, the value added to the base address to obtain a second address. Also called displacement (3).


  • An action taken by a trader in the forex, options or futures market where a second position is taken that is opposite to the original position. To offset a trading position with an opposite position effectively reduces a trader's position to flat (not long or short) avoiding further obligations for delivery on the trader's part.

Media Studies

  • noun a method of printing in which inked impressions are transferred onto paper via an intermediate surface made of rubber.
  • noun the accidental transfer of ink, usually from one piece of paper to another
  • verb to print something by offset printing


  • verb to print an image by offset lithography
  • verb to reproduce a book in a new edition by photographing a good copy of the previous edition