• adjective denoting a type of cricket or a game of cricket played under regulations designed to produce a result within a single day’s play, typically involving one innings per side limited by a stipulated number of overs
    Citation ‘It has become commonplace in one-day cricket to put the other side in on winning the toss’ (Gordon Ross, Cricketer September 1984)
    Citation ‘Lara was mindful of the threat posed by Danish Kaneria – who, like him, had been rested from the one-day series – and never allowed him to settle’ (Fazeer Mohammed, Wisden 2006)
    See also Twenty20
  • adjective characteristic of the style of cricket, and especially of batting, found in one-day games
    Citation ‘In a Test match he has produced a … one-day shot and it is crucial’ (Scyld Berry, Observer 2 January 1983)
    Citation ‘We came to believe that in an era when batsmen were bringing one-day cricket attitudes to the Test arena, few would have even a remote chance of surpassing Sir Gary’s mark this side of 2000 A.D.’ (‘Roving Eye’, Sportstar [Chennai] 30th April 1994)
    Citation ‘Barry Richards … made a valuable contribution to the supply of hot air in the press box by fuming at length about too many one-day shots being played on a Test pitch’ (Telford Vice, Cricinfo Magazine June 2006)