• noun the opportunity to buy or sell something, such as a security, within a fixed period of time at a fixed price


  • A financial agreement between a property owner and user that grants the latter party, upon payment of a stated sum, the right to buy or to rent the property within a time limit specified in the contract.


  • noun on the Stock Exchange, the action of giving someone the right to buy or sell something such as a security, a financial instrument or a commodity at a certain price on a certain date


  • A contract giving the purchaser the right but not the obligation to buy or sell an asset at a specific time for a specific price. Options consist of calls, giving the holder the option to buy; and puts, the option to sell. Options on forex currencies are traded through an online forex broker or a securities or commodities broker.

Health Economics

  • (written as Option)
    An option in financial markets that gives one the right to buy or sell an asset at a specified future date or within a specified period of time. The idea has been used in health economics as one way of evaluating uncertainty in health investment decisions.


  • noun an offer to someone of the right to enter into a contract at a later date

Media Studies

  • verb to buy the right to make a film from something such as a book or script