General English

  • adjective relating to living things


  • adjective referring to a compound containing carbon
  • adjective referring to food produced using only a restricted number of permitted pesticides and fertilisers, or to the production of such food
  • adjective referring to a substance which comes from an animal or plant

Cars & Driving

  • adjective of chemical compounds, based on carbon chains or rings and containing hydrogen with or without oxygen, nitrogen, or other elements.


  • Descriptive of materials or compounds produced from vegetable or animal sources.


  • Pertaining to, associated with, or arising from, living organisms.
  • Pertaining to carbon and its compounds, reactions, and so on.


  • adjective used for describing crops that are cultivated naturally, without any chemical fertilisers or pesticides, and for describing meat from animals fed on such crops


  • adjective referring to organs in the body
  • adjective coming from an animal, plant or other organism


  • used to describe the growing of vines using only a restricted number of permitted chemical pesticides and fertilisers
  • used to describe a method of making wine without the use of some chemicals and additives such as sulphites (sulphur dioxide) during production