General English

General Science

  • noun a position in relation to a compass direction
  • noun the process of locating something in relation to a compass direction

Cars & Driving

  • noun the tendency of plastic molecules if stretched, to align themselves in the direction of the stress


  • noun the direction of a page, either landscape, with long edge horizontal, or portrait, with long edge vertical


  • The siting of a building relative to compass direction and, therefore, to the sun, which can impact heating, lighting, and cooling costs.


  • The location or position of something relative to a point, direction, object, or the like. Also, the act of locating or positioning. For instance, the alignment of the magnetic particles on a magnetic tape, or the direction in which a vector, or a set of vectors point in.
  • The location or position of a directional device. For instance, the direction a directional antenna or microphone is pointed in.
  • The location or position of something relative to Cartesian axes, the markings of a compass, or the like.
  • When there is a choice between landscape mode and portrait mode, the selected orientation.

Human Resources

  • noun the main interest or type of activity
  • noun the introduction of new employees into an organisation

Information & Library Science

  • noun information or training that is necessary in order to understand a new subject, job, activity or situation

Media Studies

  • noun the way in which people stand or hold themselves in relation to each other when they meet, an element of non-verbal communication
  • noun in typography, the position of a piece of paper in relation to the text that runs across it.


  • noun the exact position of somebody or something in relation to the points of the compass and to other objects or natural features
  • noun an action of orientating yourself
  • noun a map reading race, where competitors navigate their way from one location to another


  • noun a measurement of the ‘slant’ of a character in a typeface, e.g. normal or italic