General English


  • adjective bowling or bowled with finger-spin as opposed to wrist-spin
    Citation ‘Pakistan held the upper hand, not so much in the bowling of Iqbal Qasim and Abdul Qadir (though the latter’s wrist-spin was an asset) but in the ability of their leading batsmen to counter the orthodox spin of Bracewell, Boock and Gray’ (WCM January 1985)
    Citation ‘The left-arm orthodox finger-spinner from Luton can already lay claim to the hearts of the Old Trafford regulars’ (Kevin Mitchell, Observer 30 July 2006)
  • adjective playing or played in a conventional batting style
    Citation ‘First came a reverse sweep … Next another sweep, orthodox this time, hit with precision and power’ (Mike Selvey, Guardian 7 March 2006)

Information & Library Science

  • adjective believed or accepted by most people