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  • noun an electronic measurement device used to display waveforms or traces of signals.


  • An electronic device that uses a cathode ray tube or a fluorescent-coated tube to produce visual displays corresponding to changes in electrical signals.


  • An instrument which uses a CRT to produce visible patterns of one or more varying electrical quantities, or nonelectrical quantities, such as acoustic waves, with the assistance of a transducer. An oscilloscope typically displays variations in voltage plotted versus time, and may be used, for instance, to monitor signals such as brain waves. Also called cathode ray oscilloscope.
  • An oscilloscope (1) which uses another type of display, such as an LCD or plasma display.


  • noun a device which produces a visual record of an electrical current on a screen using a cathode ray tube. It is used in the testing of electronic equipment and in measuring electrical impulses of the heart or the brain.