• noun the part of a cricket field outside the square and its immediate vicinity, especially the area beyond the ‘infield’ and close to the boundary, often considered in terms of the extent to which it helps or impedes the progress of a ball struck from the bat
    Citation ‘A target of 201 at five an over did not seem an exacting task for Lancashire, given an easy-paced pitch and a fast outfield’ (David Lacey, Guardian 9 July 1984)
    Citation ‘They were also helped … by shoddy West Indian fielding, with three grassed chances and umpteen lapses in the outfield’ (Siddhartha Vaidyanathan, Cricinfo Magazine July 2006)
  • noun a fielder stationed in the outfield; an outfielder
    Citation ‘Ulyett is a very good outfield, as good a run-getting bat as Gunn, and at times a dangerous bowler’ (Badminton 1888)


  • noun the outer areas of slightly longer grass on a cricket pitch, away from the shorter grass of the square and the wicket