General English

  • noun the means by which an idea or feeling can get out

General Science

  • noun a passage or pipe through which something can leave

Cars & Driving


  • noun a place where something can be sold


  • noun a connection or point in a circuit or network where a signal or data can be accessed


  • The point in an electrical wiring circuit at which the current is supplied to an appliance or device.
  • A vent or opening, principally in a parapet wall, through which rainwater is released.
  • In a piping system, the point at which a circulated liquid is discharged.


  • A power line termination whose socket serves to supply electric power to devices or equipment whose plug is inserted into it. Outlets are usually mounted in a wall, although they may be found elsewhere, such as a floor, or in the back of another electrical device, such as an amplifier. Also called by various other names, including power outlet, convenience outlet, electrical outlet, or receptacle.

Information & Library Science

  • noun the market for a product, shop or organisation which sells commodities


  • noun an opening or channel through which something can go out