• adjective vertically above the point where a course is measured or timed
  • adjective above the level of people’s heads
  • adverb above one’s head


  • noun an extra code that has to be stored to organise the program


  • The costs to conduct business other than direct job costs; included in bidder's markup. See also indirect expense, overhead expense.


  • The costs of a firm that are not directly related to its output, usually interpreted in economic models as fixed costs.


  • time, space, or procedures which are necessary for a given function or task, but which do not necessarily form a part of it.
  • In communications, bandwidth occupied by control codes, origin and destination information, error detection and correction coding, encryption, and so on. In ATM, for instance, each cell consists of 53 bytes, 48 of which are payload, and 5 of which are overhead.
  • In computers, procedures or processing time required for desired tasks, such as running applications, but which do not necessarily form a part of a given task. housekeeping is an example.
  • Something located, operating, or originating from above something else.