General English

  • noun an amount by which something overlaps


  • noun part of one thing covering something else
  • verb to have an area or range in common with something else, or to cover part of something else


  • noun a situation in which one thing covers part of another or two sections of data are placed on top of each other
  • verb to cover part of an item with another


  • In plywood manufacture, a defect in panel construction caused by one of two adjacent veneers overriding the other.


  • The performance of all or part of an operation while one or more other operations take place. Also, the time during which this occurs.
  • To partially cover something, or have an area, region, or segment in common. Also, the area covered or in common.

Information & Library Science

  • noun the point at which things start to be duplicated


  • verb to stick out beyond the edge of the boards, so that it can be tucked in and glued