General English


  • noun an excessive amount of work or electricity
  • verb to load a device or system, such as an electrical circuit, with too much work; to demand more than a system is capable of


  • A load exceeding that for which the bearing structure was designed.
  • Excess power, current, or voltage in an electrical device or circuit that is not designed to accommodate it.


  • A load which exceeds the optimum, operational, or rated load of a component, circuit, device, piece of equipment, machine, or system. Such a load may produce, for instance, distortion, excessive heating, malfunction, or failure. Also, to deliver a signal which leads to this condition.
  • In a communications network, a level of traffic which exceeds that which can be reliably handled. When such a condition occurs in a telephone network, for instance, calls may be blocked or delayed, the quality of connected calls may be diminished, and so on.


  • verb to give a part of the body too much weight to bear