General English


  • noun a cleared level area at the end of a runway, available in case a plane does not stop quickly enough

Cars & Driving

  • noun a vehicle travelling with no throttle and the engine acting as a brake is said to be ‘on the overrun’ or ‘overrunning.’
  • verb to travel faster than the towing vehicle


  • noun data that was missed by a receiver because it was not synchronised with the transmitter or because it operates at a slower speed than the transmitter and has no buffer


  • The amount the cost of an item increases beyond the estimated cost.
  • The amount a quantity increases over the estimated quantity.

Media Studies

  • verb to print more copies than expected of a publication
  • verb to transfer set type or illustrated material from one column, page or line to the next
  • verb of a broadcast, to take more time than the allotted slot


  • verb to fight your way onto an enemy position


  • noun an act of taking text over to another line because of additions
  • noun an act of remaking a line or lines of print, because of deletions or additions at proof stage
  • noun the making of more paper than has been ordered
  • noun the printing of more sheets than specified
  • verb to print more sheets than are required, in case any are faulty