• noun a ball thrown in from the field that travels beyond the wicket after eluding any intervening fielders, thus enabling the batsmen to take a run or runs, or to continue taking runs if they have already started
    Citation ‘The criterion used to decide the total runs from an overthrow is: where are the two batsmen at the moment the ball leaves the fielder’s hand?’ (Oslear & Mosey 1993)
  • noun a run made as a result of an overthrow
    Citation ‘At Headingley in 1976 (England v. West Indies) Alan Knott was credited with a seven in the course of scoring 116, for a single, two overthrows and four overthrows’ (Oslear & Mosey 1993)


  • verb to remove a government or leader suddenly from power


  • verb to throw a ball too far so that it goes beyond the player or target it was intended to reach


  • synonymovermodulation
  • synonymovershoot