General English

General Science

  • noun an object or set of objects wrapped in a covering


  • noun a group of different items joined together in one deal


  • noun goods packed and wrapped for sending by mail
  • noun a box or bag in which goods are sold
  • noun a different items of software sold together


  • The enclosure in which a component, circuit, device, piece of equipment, apparatus, or system, is housed. Also, to assemble, place or otherwise house that which is contained in such an enclosure.
  • A set of items which are designed to work together for a given purpose. Unlike a kit, such a set does not necessarily require assembly.
  • The housing, usually made of ceramic or plastic, surrounding an IC. The leads or metallic surfaces of the package are used for connection via plugging-in or soldering. Such packages are usually mounted onto printed circuit boards. Also called chip package, or IC package.
  • A combination of application programs which are tailored to a given type of work, and which function especially well together. For example an office suite incorporating word processing, database, spreadsheet, presentation, and communications programs. Also called software package (1), application suite, suite, or bundled software.


  • noun a number of different things or operations grouped together and considered as a single item
  • verb to create suitable or attractive packaging in which to sell a product


  • noun a group of TV or radio programmes or commercial spots offered with a discount by a station

Media Studies

  • noun a complete piece of audio, fully mixed and ready for broadcasting
  • noun a series of interview clips linked together by a presenter or reporter


  • noun any object which is wrapped in a protective covering of paper or plastic or fabric


  • noun a set of computer programs designed for a special purpose