pad up



  • verb to put on one’s pads in readiness for going out to bat
    Citation ‘Gower, who was originally padded up to go in No. 3, held back to let Edmonds and Foster go in and slog’ (Matthew Engel, Guardian 16 January 1985)
  • verb to move the front leg down the wicket, usually outside the line of off stump, with the aim of preventing the ball from hitting the stumps if it should cut back
    Citation ‘Before the roaring crowd had regained breath, Morris padded up without constructive ideas to Lock, and died the modern hero’s death, leg before’ (Cardus 1978)
    Citation ‘Botham had to come in with 25 minutes to go, when Mike Gatting had his second break of concentration, padding out again to another straight one from Marshall’ (Scyld Berry, Observer 1 July 1984)
    Citation ‘It was Panesar who broke the partnership when Yousuf, for some inexplicable reason, padded up to a straight ball and was rightly given out leg before’ (Angus Fraser, Independent 18 July 2006)
    Compare pad away